Desert Control System

Irrational human economic activities and climatic factors have led to more serious desertification of land.Deteriorating environment will affect the survival of humanity. Solar pumping systems can take full advantage of water resource and conduct water-saving irrigation.

System Introduction
Solar desert control system consists of solar modules, solar pump controllers, pumps and sprinkler pipe network.Output of solar pump controller is connected to the underground pump power; underground pump output nozzle is connected to the network of drip; drip irrigation network supplies water by drip mouth to meet the wide-irrigated areas and complex requirements. The system is equipped with full drip irrigation technology to solve the problems of no electricity, drought in desert and achieve the purpose of anti-desertification.

0.75kw-2.2kw solar Frequency Converter

Frequency converters are devices that take the alternating current or AC of one frequency and change it to another frequency.