FULLWILL to carry out after-sales training services

FULLWILL With the continuous development of the market, continuously enhance the competitiveness of products, inverter products, more orders. In the provision of quality inverter products at the same time, the company is also gradually improve their quality of service and strengthen after-sales service quality, to create the world’s best electrical equipment suppliers and lay a solid foundation.

FULLWILL to ensure the normal operation of the inverter equipment, maintenance, FULLWILL special invited customers to our company to carry out after-sales training to ensure the proper use of system security, our company will send the experienced engineers on the owners training, owners can master all aspects of the system Operation, maintenance and technical expansion so on technology. our training services include the following areas:

On-site training

  • Our company conducted a systematic use and maintenance training for the customer’s technical staff, all training will be conducted in English and Chinese, full translation services, for effective communication. The training will teach participants how to operate the system in daily and emergency situations.
  • Our company’s engineers, with more than 10 years of system operation and product maintenance experience
  • Our company will provide on-site training to the owner’s technical staff prior to the completion of the test. The training includes normal operating procedures and handling of emergencies and operation and maintenance manuals in both English and Chinese. Trainees can understand the basic structure of the system and equipment, working principle and operating procedures, to conduct practical operation and routine maintenance, to exclude general failure.

Training program

Our company will be based on product Instructions, system use Instructions. The following training will be provided to users. The project training plan includes the following:

  • Training purposes

The owner’s staff is divided into the Operation and maintenance personnel training, management personnel training. Operation and maintenance technicians should be able to carry out routine equipment operation and maintenance after training, master the operation of software and hardware, and be familiar with the basic functions of hardware. After training, managers should be able to responsible for a comprehensive technical management work, understanding of the system construction process, system functions and future construction planning.

  • Training courses
  1. The training courses, including theory courses / practice classes
  2. We formulate specific training courses are as follows:
    Serial number Subsystems Training content Trainers Training period(day)
    1 Intelligent management system 1.The basic working principle of the system 1.Technical staff 3–5
    2.The system equipment installation situation
    3.The system operation and management
    4.The system maintenance and repair 2.Manager 7–10
    5.Equipment in kind
    6.The system drawings of consult
    7.The system fault diagnosis

We will be in the completion of the test before the technical staff training, installation and commissioning on-site inspection to complete the above-mentioned training and then withdraw the field service personnel.

  • Training facilities to be used

In the field training’s training equipment, including each subsystem equipment in kind, information, pictures and so on.

  • Training materials and documents

The training documents and materials for each subsystem include:

  • The system schematic
  • Equipment operation manual
  • System maintenance manual
  • The other technical information related to the system
  • Training sites

Company: Fullwill Electric Co., Ltd

Address: No.176 Liuqing North Road, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China