Husbandry water supply system

Affected by climate drought and artificialovergrazing, grassland desertification is obviously faster and grass production capacity generally declines these years. In the pastoral areas, the development of artificial grass is a way to solve this problem.Because of a vast territory with a sparse population, electricity is not available in many places.They have to pump water with diesel, which haslow economical efficiency. Water and electricity shortage in pastoral areas can be solved by using solar energy as a power source of Pastoralgrassland solar pumping irrigation.

System Introduction
Solar husbandry water supply system consists of solar modules, solar pump controller, pump, micro-irrigation system and reservoir.The system uses solar power to pump water to meet the water needs of plants and animals, with no need of electricity, diesel generatorsand batteries.It replaces energy storage with water storage. The whole system is fully automated, maintenance-free, economic and environment friendly.

0.75kw-2.2kw solar Frequency Converter

Frequency converters are devices that take the alternating current or AC of one frequency and change it to another frequency.