Our thinking about The Strike in Inida

Since Aug.31st, India has raised a great strike. More than one million workers from the local bank, telecommunications industry and other lines staged a strike to fight for better salary and protest the new labor as well as the investing policies. What’s more, the tri-wheel motor cycles stop on the road to protest low price strategies and fierce subsidy on picking-up software like Uber and Ola. It brought much inconvenience to the local people.

Since Modi came into power in May, 2014, the government has carried out a series of economic policies, aiming to ease labor law to attract more foreign investment and improve the business circumstance.

During the first few days of the nationwide strike, the government has announced the adjustment of non-skill workers’ minimum wage from the present 246 Rupees per day to 350 Rupees per day.

However, the Indian labor Union proposed that the min wage should be 18,000 per month. And the number given by the government is only half of it. Therefore, the deadlock persists.

As the first population and labor force population,how about the salary in China?

2016 The lowest salary from all over China