Fullwill and his Business Alliance

Fullwill participated in the 11th  of “ALIBABA CHENGGONGYING” in 2013. During this event, Fullwill recognized and understood a group of corporate partners with a common vision, all of them are positive and eager to learn and grow up. After the event, Fullwill and the other eight company leaders formed a business alliance, named this alliance: LE ENTERPRISERS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Fullwill became the Secretary-General of LE ENTERPRISERS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.

Fullwill and his allies formed the “LE ENTERPRISERS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE” in order to let these like-minded business men from LEQING city come together to share and learn from each other’s strengths,Collision out of the new business model and better business ideas . In the end, let business men from LEQING city grow faster, grow better. Because we firmly believe that if we want to go fast, we can go alone. But in order to go fast and far away, then we have to find a group of people and go together. In addition, we want to let business men from LEQING city together, become a more powerful force, to offer some necessary help for our society.

In line with these two purposes, “LE ENTERPRISERS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE” organized a lot of activities. In 2014, the main thing we do is to visit member companies to understand and familiar with the basic conditions of member companies, this visited company will hold a sharing session to share his strengths for others to learn.

In 2015, our main thing is to hire some excellent business consultant to our “LE ENTERPRISERS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE” for guidance. This year, we also organized a number of social welfare activities, including landscaping, voluntary tree planting, publicity campaigns and other activities.

In 2016, after two years of mutual understanding and sharing of learning, we held a number of brainstorming, and finally made a new business decision, we nine companies set up a new optimization network company. Specifically to serve the local market enterprises and help them quickly enhance e-commerce awareness and help them to site optimization and training.

“LE ENTERPRISES CHAMBER OF COMMERCE” will organize more activities that are beneficial to the development of the enterprise and beneficial to the society.