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75kw-110kw Frequency converter of A-series


FU9000A frequency inverter Is the application of frequency conversion technology and micro electronics technology, by changing the motor operating power frequency mode to control the AC motor power control equipment. By changing the frequency of the power supply to achieve the purpose of changing the power supply voltage, according to the actual needs of the motor to provide the required power supply voltage, and then achieve the purpose of energy saving and speed regulation.

Frequency converters are devices that take the alternating current or AC of one frequency and change it to another frequency.

Application of frequency converter
Chemical fiber and textile
Sizing machine, carding machine, spinning machine, blower. Spinning machine, loom, pumps etc..
Oil industry
Oil pump, electric submersible pump, water pump, oil pump etc.
Iron and steel industry
Rolling mill, roller, fan, pump, crane, steel machine, tilting etc..
Automobile manufacturing industry
Paint mixing, conveyor belt, moving vehicle
Machine tool manufacturing industry
Grinding machine, machining center, lathe, planer, milling machine, shaving machine etc.
Electronic manufacturing industry
Air compressor, injection molding machine, air blower, pump, conveyor belt, etc.
Tea machine, water pump, ventilation, ventilation and other homes in grain depot
Air conditioning equipment, cement, rotary kiln, heavy machinery, blower, pump, main drive motor, belt conveyor, vibrating feeder, vertical fan).
The conveyor belt, noodle machine, mixer, scheming etc.
Papermaking industry
Paper machine, paper machine, pump, grinder, blower, etc.
Oil Industry
Oil pump, electric submersible pump, water pump, oil pump etc.
Heavy duty application frequency converter (mine)

Sewage treatment
Aeration machine. Blower. Water pump
Mud pump, conveyor belt, lifting machine, cutting machine, cutting machine, crane, blower, pump, compressor, etc..
Rolling mill, roller, blast furnace blower, pump, lifting machinery, feed mill, polishing of blast furnace.
Loading and unloading
Automatic warehouse, carrier, powder carrier, output conveyor belt, etc.
Extrusion machine, conveyor belt, film mixer, centrifugal separator, compressor, blower, sprayer, pump etc..
Electric power
Boiler blower, water pump, centrifugal mixing machine, conveyor belt, pumping power station, flywheel etc..
Life and service
Air compressor, air conditioning load. Laundry equipment
Solid garage, automatic warehouse, conveyor belt, etc.
Plastic cement
Rubber cutting machine, injection molding machine, extrusion machine, plastic film production line
Electric locomotive, ship propulsion, loading and unloading machinery, air compressor, cable car, etc.

Input Voltage Range 380/220V±15%
Input Frequency Range 47~63Hz
Output Voltage Range 0~rated input voltage
Output Frequency Range 0~400Hz
Input  Terminals programmable DI:7,1 high speed pulse;
programmable AI:2,AI1:-10V~10V;AI2:0~10V or 0~20mA
Output  Terminals programmable open collector output:1(open collector or high speed pulse output selectable);
programmable relay output:2
programmable AI:2,0/4~20mA or 0~10V selectable
Communication Terminals provide RS485 Communication interface,adopt Modbus-RTU communi-
cation mide.
Control Mode V/F control ,sensorless vector control(SVC)
Speed Adjusting Range 1:100(SVC)
Overload Capacity 150% rated current 60s,180% rated current 10s
Frequency Reference Source Keypad,analog input,HDI,serial communication ,multi-step speed, simple PLC and PLD.
The combination of multi-modes and the switch between different modes can be realized
Other Fuctions 1.Traverse Control Fuction
2.PID Control Fuction
3.Simple PLC ,Multi-Steps Speed Control Fuction :16 steps speed can be set
4.None-Stop when instantaneous power off.
5.Speed Trace Fuction :Smoothly start the running motor.
6.Automatic Voltage Regulation Function(AVR):
7.UP to 23 fault protections:over current,over voltage ,under voltage ,over temperature,phasefailure,overload etc.
LED Display Can dispiay:setting frequency ,out frequency ,output voltage,output current etc.
Multi-fuction Key-press The QUICK/JOG key-press can be used as multi-fuction key-press
EMC   if the installing and wiring of the inverter together with the EMI filter according to 《Manual of FU9000A》,We can promise it is must meet the following criterion;
[Normally,if the cable of motor is longer than 50m,it is should install AC reactor or sinusoidal filter at output side of the inverte.]
Temperature  ﹣10℃ ~+40℃.will be derated if ambient temperature exceeds 40℃.
Humidity ≤90%,without condensation
Altitude ≤1000M,output rated power
>1000M,output power with derating
Impingement and
The inverter is prohibited to drop on the floor or with suddenly impact ,it is also prohibited
to be installed at the place where the oscillation may occur very probably.
Electromagnetic Radiation The inverter is prohibited to be installed at the place where stronger electormagnetic
radiation may occur very probably.
Store Environment The inverter is prohibited to be stored at the place where with direct sunlight,fall of oil mist,steam and with heavy oscillation.
Model No Rated Power(kw) Rated input current(A) Rated output current(A) Size
1AC 220V±15%
FU9000A-1R5G-S2 1.5 14.2 7 B
FU9000A-2R2G-S2 2.2 23 10 B
3AC 220V ±15%
FU9000A-OR7G-2 0.75 5 4.5 B
FU9000A-1R5G-2 1.5 7.7 7 B
FU9000A-2R2G-2 2.2 11 10 B
FU9000A-004G-2 4 17 16 C
FU9000A-5R5G-2 5.5 21 20 C
FU9000A-7R5G-2 7.5 31 30 D
FU9000A-011G-2 11 43 42 E
FU9000A-015G-2 15 56 55 E
FU9000A-018G-2 18.5 71 70 E
FU9000A-022G-2 22 81 80 F
FU9000A-030G-2 30 112 110 F
FU9000A-037G-2 37 132 130 F
FU9000A-045G-2 45 163 160 G
FU9000A-055G-2 55 181 190 G
3AC 380V±15%
FU9000A-1R5G/2R2P-4 1.5 5 3.7 B
FU9000A-2R2G/004P-4 2.2 5.8 5 B
FU9000A-004G/5R5P-4 4.0/5.5 10/15 9/13 C
FU9000A-5R5G/7R5P-4 5.5/7.5 15/20 13/17 C
FU9000A-7R5G/011P-4 7.5/11 20/26 17/25 D
FU9000A-011G/015P-4 11/15 26/35 25/32 D
FU9000A-015G/018P-4 15/18.5 35/38 32/37 D
FU9000A-018G/022P-4 18.5/22 38/46 37/45 E
FU9000A-022G/030P-4 22/30 46/62 45/60 E
FU9000A-030G/037P-4 30/37 62/76 60/75 E
FU9000A-037G/045P-4 37/45 76/90 75/90 F
FU9000A-045G/055P-4 45/55 90/105 90/110 F
FU9000A-055G/075P-4 55/75 105/140 110/150 F
FU9000A-075G/090P-4 75/90 140/160 150/176 G
FU9000A-090G/110P-4 90/110 160/210 176/210 G
FU9000A-110G/132P-4 110/132 210/240 210/250 G
FU9000A-132G/160P-4 132/160 240/290 250/300 H
FU9000A-160G/185P-4 160/185 290/330 300/340 H
FU9000A-185G/200P-4 185/200 330/370 340/380 H
FU9000A-200G/220P-4 200/220 370/410 380/415 I
FU9000A-220G/250P-4 220/250 410/460 415/470 I
FU9000A-250G/280P-4 250/280 460/500 470/520 I
FU9000A-280G/315P-4 280/315 500/580 520/600 I
FU9000A-315G/350P-4 315/350 580/620 600/640 I
FU9000A-350G-4 350 620 640 2*H
FU9000A-400G-4 400 670 690 2*I
FU9000A-500G-4 500 835 860 2*I
FU9000A-560G-4 560 920 950 2*I

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