Project Description

FLY1-PV-C40 DC Surge Protection Device


It is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic equipment, instruments, and communication lines. When an electrical circuit or communication line suddenly generates a peak current or voltage due to external interference, the surge protector can conduct the shunt in a very short time to avoid damage to other devices in the circuit by the surge.

Type FLY1-PV-C40
Pole 2P 2P 3P
Rated Voltage 500V DC 500V DC 800VDC
Maximum operating voltage 530V DC 530V DC 840V DC
Nominal discharge current 5KA 20KA 20KA
The maximum discharge current 10KA 40KA 40KA
Protection level ≤1.5KV ≤1.5KV ≤3.0KV
Operating temperature ’-40°C -+85°C‘
Relative humidity ≤95%(25°C)
Installation method 35mm Din Rail
Window indicates Normal: Green      Feailure: Red
Degree of protection IP20
Leakage ≤20




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